Installation of Camelot

This part of the documentation covers the steps to install Camelot.

Using conda

The easiest way to install Camelot is to install it with conda, which is a package manager and environment management system for the Anaconda distribution.

$ conda install -c conda-forge camelot-py


Camelot is available for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 on Linux, macOS and Windows. For Windows, you will need to install ghostscript which you can get from their downloads page.

Using pip

After installing the dependencies, which include Tkinter and ghostscript, you can simply use pip to install Camelot:

$ pip install camelot-py[cv]

From the source code

After installing the dependencies, you can install from the source by:

1. Cloning the GitHub repository.

$ git clone

2. Then simply using pip again.

$ cd camelot
$ pip install ".[cv]"